Cooperative Development Strategy and Action Plan of Turkey 2012-2016


Strategic Targets:

1-)  Reorganization of the Public Agencies and Procurement of Services to the Cooperatives:

Given the specific nature of the cooperatives sector, as well as the separate legislation of cooperatives and the necessity to take objective decisions regarding the provision of service,  an obligation arises as to prepare regulations intended particularly for this field and such policies. Therefore, it is very important that in establishing a suitable atmosphere for the cooperatives, policies should devised by the public agencies  an integrated approach and with the participation of the representatives of the sector. Moreover it is necessary to gather the statistical information regarding the cooperatives properly in order to be able to prepare sound policies regarding the cooperatives and the sectors in which the cooperatives are operating. Within this framework, cooperatives gained the confidence and interest of the public, and the ultimate goal is to reorganize the public organization and the way to procure services; and to take the other necessary measures.
  2-)  Development of the Activities on Training, Consultancy, Information and Research:
 It is very important to enable our citizens to have the entrepreneurial ability and the opportunity to collaborate and  raise awareness as regards the cooperatives and the general perception towards the cooperatives sector. Furthermore in order to ensure the development of the sector and the increase of competitiveness, it is necessary to meet the need for a personnel trained on the cooperatives and to increase the volume of research and development activities as regards the cooperatives. Within this framework, the aim is to carry out  training and R&D activities effectively and efficiently with a view to meeting the need for trained personnel, and to revitalize the  potential of the cooperatives for our community.
  3-)  Increasing the Organizational Capacity and the Cooperation among Cooperatives:

It is very important to eliminate the problems regarding the lack of organization which includes the values like solidarity and confidence, to enable cooperatives to abandon their small scale structure and embrace a large-scale structure, to ensure the establishment of cooperatives in the new fields with a potential, to develop the economic cooperation opportunities of the cooperatives, and most importantly to enable the cooperatives to have a self-sufficient superior organizational structure. Within this framework, the aim is  to activate the supplementary mechanisms in cooperatimg with all the public institutions and non-governmental organizations with the ultimate aim of adopting a compulsory superior organization model, encouraging multi-membered cooperatives, improving the cooperation opportunities of the cooperatives, and determining the fields with high potential for cooperatives and ensuring the establishment of cooperatives in these fields.
  4-)  Strengthening of the Capital Structure and Access to Loans and Financing:  

It is very important to strengthen the equity capital structures of the cooperatives, and to eliminate the deficiencies regarding their access to suitable financing and the guarantee. Within this framework, the aim is to develop new methods and to increase the use of national, international funds and the EU funds with the goal of strengthening the capital infrastructure of the cooperatives and eliminating their financing problems.
  5-) The Total Revision of the Internal and External Audit Systems: 
It is extremely necessary for the cooperatives to have an external audit system in the matters as accounting, legal and administrative operations, business plans and operational performance. Moreover, it is necessary to render internal audits carried out by cooperatives and its superior organizations, members and audit board to be more efficient and result-oriented. Based on this, the aim is to have an internal and external audit system befitting to our country and thus, to entirely revise the current system in line with such objective.
 6-)  Increasing Institutional and Professional Management Capacity:
In accordance with the principles of corporate governance stated by OECD, for the institutionalization of an organization, initiatives such as transparency, accountability, enhanced communication, determination of long-term objective targets and professional management are necessary. For the cooperatives and their superior organizations to be more successful, it is very important that these principles be regularly pursued and implemented. Within this framework, the aim is to increase the institutional capacities of the cooperatives and their superior organizations, to harmonize with the contemporary business management rules and to widen the implementation of professional management.


Cooperative Development Strategy and Action Plan 2012-2016