Republic of Turkey


Cooperative Guide for Foreign Country Citizens

Foreigners and foreign corporations may form cooperatives and become a member of cooperatives in Turkey. In order to achieve this, they must meet certain requirements:

  1. If the person is a natural person or legal person, both of them should have judicial capacity.
  2.  If the person is a natural person, his/her passport must be approved by notary public and be translated to prove his/her identity.
  3.  If it is a corporation (legal entity), its trade registry certificate must be approved by the Trade Registry Office and be translated.
  4. Cooperative charter should be signed by the promoters of the cooperative and should be approved by a notary public.
  5. If charter is signed by the representatives of the promoters, the power of attorney and relevant apostille should be issued by relevant authorities.
  6. Any additional membership qualifications established in the articles of charter of cooperatives or by laws should be met and proved and confirmed by translated documents. Apostilles of the appropriate documents must be enclosed as well.