Republic of Turkey


Cooperative Information System

The Computer Age, Information Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age. Whatever we or historians name it; this  is actually a separate  matter for discussion. Beyond any doubt; traditional industry offered by industrial revolution through industrialization has evolved into an economy based on information and computerization.
The information industry is capable of allowing the individuals to explore their personalized needs, simplifying the procedure of making decisions for transactions and as well as significantly lowering the costs for both the producers and buyers. In line with this perspective; it is now inevitable for governments to update their public services to ever-changing circumstances in the era of globalization. 

In this framework, the Turkish Government has established a web portal to improve and enhance  the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the public sector, named as “e-devlet” - Turkish for e-government-. The portal is accessible through one web page and contains 1109 Public services of 157 official utilities with a view to serve 20.7 million1 registered users. Considering the population of Turkey (77 MN) 2, one fourth of citizens may benefit from the web-based public services. The ratio indicates the functionality and success of this information system.
The “Information System for Cooperatives” is also a part of the e-government portal and aims to provide all public services and legal procedures with online opportunities as  foundation of cooperatives, altering contracts, getting permission legal authorities, holding general assembly meetings, which are obliged to be registered in trade registry. The other benefits of the system are maintaining financial and administrative transparency of the cooperatives, building capacity of cooperative members in order to audit more effectively. The Cooperative Information System also saves time and prevents waste of paper in the bureaucratic processes. Last but not least, the system solves the data gathering problem. Thus, cooperative statistics will be more accurate and guide policy makers.

1 Official numbers from “” ; 13.02.2015 
2 Latest population census: 77.695.904 ; 31.12.2014