Republic of Turkey


Cooperatives In Turkey

Cooperative movement has been initiated with the “Country Fund” (Memleket Sandığı - a body similar to agricultural credit cooperatives) which was established by the government in 1863. However, the first significant development was realized during the Republican Era. As an example of this development,
Ankara Public Servants Consumers Cooperative was established in 1925.
However, the most important developments were realized during the post- Planned Period. One of them is undoubtedly the inclusion of a provision on cooperatives in the Constitution. Article 51 of 1961
Constitution includes the provision as “The Government shall take all the measures to improve the cooperatives” and this has rendered the state more active and responsible for the advancement of cooperatives.
Cooperatives were implemented in agricultural fields and focused on this field because of the social and economic factors. Later, cooperatives became widespread in fields like transportation, consumption, credit- surety, but particularly in the construction of houses / workplaces due to the changes experienced in economic and social structure and new emerging requirements.
Currently, there are 12.868 cooperatives in 29 different types carrying out their activities under the assigned duties and the responsibility of the Ministry of Customs and Trade and the total number of the members of these cooperatives is 1.884.950.
 Table 1: Cooperative Statistics in 2015
Cooperative Types 2015 2015
  The Number of
The Number of Members
of Cooperatives
Consumers’ Cooperatives 2.570 229.438
Motorized Carriers’ Cooperatives 6.393 185.993
Craftsmen and Tradesmen Loan Guarantee
997 644.012
Small Art Cooperatives 283 8.726
Supply and Delivery Cooperatives 307 38.199
Tourism Development Cooperatives 358 18.902
Production Marketing Cooperatives 428 18.574
Supply Guarantee Cooperatives 8 606
Publishing Cooperatives 24 570
Carrier’s Cooperatives 7 529
Management Cooperatives 649 115.512
Insurance Cooperatives 8 63.891
Agricultural Sales Cooperatives 338 515.085
Solidarity Cooperatives 20 13.691
Training Cooperatives 50 2.838
Free ASC 19 2.132
Tobacco Agricultural Sales Cooperatives 59 17.252
Raw Vegetables and Fruit Cooperatives 31 3.190
Press and Communication Cooperatives 1 23
Road Haulage Cooperatives 37 1.131
Road Transportation Cooperatives 234 3.882
Women Entrepreneurs and Production
27 218
Stallholders’ Cooperatives 1 7
Maritime Transportation Cooperatives 7 243
Maritime Passenger Transportation Cooperatives 1 8
Health Care Services Cooperatives 1 37
Electricity Production and Consumption
3 21
Service Cooperatives 5 160
Scientific Research and Development Cooperatives 2 80
Total 12.868 1.884.950