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Agricultural Products Trade

General Information About Trade Of Vegetable And Fruit
The department of the trading of agricultural products is charged with  the implementation of the legislation on the trading of vegetables and fruits and other commoditieswith sufficient depth in respect of supply and demand as well as regulating the wholesale markets, public markets, producer organization and wholesale arbitration board.
By virtue of the Statutory Decree no. 640, Ministry of Customs and Trade is the public authority in charge of regulating the trade of vegetables-fruits and other commodities, enabling the wholesale markets and public markets to be restored and run as modern places as well as performing other statutory duties related to these issues. In this context, all commercial transactions taking place in the wholesale markets and out of the wholesale markets, and commercial relations of all sections operating in this sector were rearanged in an integrated and progressive approach by the Act no. 5957 i.e. “The Act on the Regulation of the Trading of Vegetable-Fruit and Other Commodities with Sufficient Depth in Respect of Supply and Demand”. The trading of  vegetables and fruits  has therefore become registered and may thus be monitored.
The Purposes of the Act numbered. 5957
  • To provide food safety,

  • To meet the consumers commodity demand for a qualified, safety, healthy product with a  fair price,

  • To regulate the activities of the persons engaged in the trading of vegetables and fruits,  

  • To prevent informal economy,

  • To reduce the costs,

  • To provide the efficiency of provision, distribution and sale,

  • To ensure that the producer receives the recompense for his work, 

  • To establish and operate a modern wholesale market system,

  • To provide a modern infrastructure for the wholesale markets.

Wholesale Markets
Wholesale markets play a key role in the marketing system in terms of;
  • Realization of the wholesale business of fruit and vegetables,

  • Price formation,

  • The record of commercial transactions,

  • Their functions for producers, marketers and consumers.

In the current legislative arrangements, various standards have been introduced in order to enable the wholesale markets to be restored and run as modern places. With the aforesaid arrangements, wholesale markets having a certain level of information technology and infrastructure will function as logistic centers for fruits and vegetables.
Important regulations have been set forth by the Act no. 5957 and relevant by-laws with an ultimate view of enabling the transformation of wholesale markets as contemporary commercial areas.
Within this scope, minimum infrastructural features are clearly stipulated for the wholesale markets and the management and control, basic codes of practice in the sales and legislative harmonization of wholesale markets.
Wholesale markets are classified by size as small, medium and large depending on the number of wholesale stores. Service facilities that should be included within  thewholesale markets are determined according to this classification. Hereunder, it is mandatory that all all wholesale markets contain:
  • wholesale stores,

  • Administrative building,

  • Price board,

  • Information processing system,

  • Speaker system,

  • Lighting system,

  • Security cameras,

  • Entry-exit control booth,

  • Weight control unit,

  • Dumpsite,

  • Toilet,

  • Parking area,

  • Storage place for packing wastes.

Producers and Producer Organizations
By virtue of the Act no. 5957, several protective and supportive measures have been taken for producers.
-Reception of wholesale tax application from producers was repealed. 
  • Producers were incentivized to come together under the "producer organizations". 
  • At least 20 % of the stands in the market place has been allocated to the producers. 
  • At least 20 % of the stores in the wholesale market has been allocated to the producer organizations.
Two most significant amendments by this Act are: Wholesales Market Register System and
Product Identity Label.
Wholesale Market Register System
The purpose of wholesales market register system is to provide registering, monitoring and announcing the data related to the kind, quantity, price, buyer and seller of vegetables and fruits in wholesale market and to provide the record of the persons engaged in greengrocery trade, to form a database as well as to ensure information sharing and communication among the wholesales markets.
Product Identity Label

Product identity label” which contains the information that provides the traceability of the products on the cover or pack of the products. Through product identity label whose notification entered into force by 2016, consumers can reach to the information that shows the producers, production area, production date and etc. of the products by questioning the label over the wholesales market system.     
Control and Supervision Points

By publication of Notification about Control and Supervision Points in the year of 2016,   control and supervision points in the interurban roads enabled our Municipalities to activate the inspections in order to minimize the unregistered trade in vegetables and fruit trade.

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