Republic of Turkey


Retailers Council

General Information: 
These regulations were issued in the Official Gazette on 19/07/2016. The aims of regulations were to determine the formation, duties and working procedures and principles of Retailers Council.
Retailer council is a consulting body that builds its opinion via cooperation of retail sector representatives and contributes to retail sector policies. The Council has members both from governmental (e.g. representatives of ministries) and non-governmental organizations (e.g. retail associations).  
Duties and authorities of Retailers Council:
Duties and authorities of the Council are;


  • To cooperate with institutes regarding retail sector,
  • To determine the problems and expectations of the retail sector and report them to the related institutions,
  • To watch the domestic and international retail markets and report the developments to policy maker institutions,
  • To opine for the retail trade legislation preparations,
  • To establish working commissions for specific retail trade topics,
  • To watch, evaluate and publish (if needed) the activities of working commissions and inform public about them.