Republic of Turkey


Shopping Mall Regulations

General Information: 
These regulations were issued in the Official Gazette on 26/02/2016. The aims of regulations were to determine the qualifications shopping malls and also the procedures and principals for those places in terms of opening, operation and supervision.
Qualifications of shopping malls:
There are 5 qualifications of shopping malls; 


  • A building or community of buildings in the area integrity,
  • Minimum 5.000 m² sales area,
  • Minimum 10 retail stores meeting various needs of people (clothing store, grocery, restaurant, bookstore, etc.) at least one of them large store (retail store with min. 400 m² sales area) or
Minimum 30 retail stores without having a large store while meeting various needs of people,
  • Common areas (area for social and cultural activities, emergency room, baby change room, playground, prayer room, etc.)
  • Centralized management

Building licenses and occupancy permits of shopping malls:
Operations of shopping malls concerning building licenses and occupancy permits are carried out by metropolitan municipalities in metropolises. However, in cities other than metropolises those operations are carried out by district municipalities. Municipalities ask for the opinion of Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and Confederation of Turkish Craftsmen and Tradesmen.
Common costs of shopping malls:
Common costs of shopping mall are allocated according to a method determined under the consensus of shopping mall management and retail stores resident in the mall. In case there is no consensus between the parties, commons costs of shopping mall are allocated in proportion to sales areas of stores.
Space allocation in shopping malls:
5% of total sales area in a shopping mall is allocated to craftsmen and artisans at the current market value. However, 0,3% of total sales area of a shopping mall is allocated to craftsmen and artisans who deal with traditional and cultural commercial activities that are almost extinct at maximum one quarter of the current market value.
Continuous discount in shopping malls:
If a shopping mall makes use of several statements that recall continuous discount, all retail stores in it must sell clearance, season-end, export surplus or defective goods. Otherwise the shopping mall cannot make use of those statements.