Sector Analysis Project Specific to Craftsmen and Tradesmen

General Directorate of Tradesmen and Craftsmen is responsible for the development and implementation of policies regarding tradesmen and craftsmen in Turkey. Having activities in 17 sectors and 307 occupational branches, approximately 1,55 million tradesmen and craftsmen in general represent an important part of Turkish economy. Most of the businesses of tradesmen and craftsmen are micro-scaled, having less than 3 employees. Since April 2015, we are undertaking several projects for the detailed analysis of the sectors which most of the tradesmen and craftsmen have their activities. These projects are executed with the collaboration of local universities.
The main objective of the project is to determine the current situation, difficulties, needs and expectations of tradesmen and craftsmen in the sector, to find solutions to their problems, and to determine the vision of the industry. In order to increase the competitiveness potential of the tradesmen and craftsmen, the project aims to identify the best practices at national and international levels, new trends and technological developments.