Undersecretary of Ministry of Customs and Trade

Born in the Province of Aksaray/Turkey in the year 1967, Mr. AŞÇI received Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from the Faculty of Political Sciences at the Istanbul University in the year 1988. He further received his BSc. degree from the Department of Management Studies at Boston University in 2004.

Mr. AŞÇI was appointed Assistant Customs Investigator, Customs Investigator and Senior Customs Investigator in 1989, 1993 and 2000, respectively. 

He also served as Deputy Head of the Board of Customs Investigators; Head of Department at the Directorate General of Customs; Deputy Director General of Ankara Electricity, Gas and Bus Operations Organization (EGO); Member of the Report Reading Commission of the Board of Investigation at the Ministry of Customs and Trade and as the Director General of Customs. Mr. AŞÇI was subsequently appointed as the Undersecretary of Customs and Trade. Mr. AŞCI was appointed the Minister of Customs and Trade on August 28th 2015 at the interim election government of Turkey, and served as Minister until November 24th, 2015.
Between November 2001- February 2002, he paid a study visit to the USA to conduct a research on the organizational structure of NAFTA as well as the foreign trade volumes and economic development of the NAFTA member states. In line with his master studies in the USA, he conducted an in-depth research on the corporate structure and combatting methods employed by relevant US organization in charge of the Prevention of the Financing of Terrorism and Money Laundering Offences.    
During his tenures as Investigator, Head of Department, Deputy Director General of Ankara Electricity, Gas and Bus Operations Organization (EGO) and Deputy Director General of Customs, he conducted works in the realm of export and investment promotion, public incentives, export facilitation and simplification of appropriate procedures. In the framework of the EU pre-accession works, Mr. AŞÇI participated as a member to the Working Group on Customs Union, EU Cash Control Working Group and the Administrative Capacity Building Group of the German-Turkish Twinning Project. He also actively participated in the administrative capacity building initiatives and the process for the drafting of the organizational legislation of the Directorate General of EGO. While serving at EGO, Mr. AŞÇI played a major role in the organizational implementation of the Public Procurement Act and Public Financial Audit Act; coordinated the collective labor agreements; chaired the Discipline Board of the Public Servants and Workers and represented EGO at the Disaster Coordination Center of Ankara.   

Mr. AŞÇI is a member of the Foundation of Political Sciences of the Istanbul University; Fellow-Countrymen Association of the Province of Aksaray; Association for Customs Investigators, Customs Foundation and EGO Sports Club. 

Fluent in English, Mr. Cenap AŞÇI is married with three children.