Republic of Turkey


Foreign Trade Statistics

What is the role of the Ministry of Customs and Trade (MCT) in the realm of production and dissemination of foreign trade statistics?

In accordance with the Statistical Law of Turkey (No.5429), official statistics are produced under "Official Statistics Program" prepared for the five year period with the contribution of the entire relevant institutions / organizations.

Foreign trade statistics jointly published by MCT and Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) are compiled through customs declarations.
Analysis processes are the inclusion and exclusion of certain statistical data, correction of inaccurate data and reporting the results of this work.
TURKSTAT publishes the official foreign trade statistics on its website under the Official Statistics Program on the date and time specified in the “National Data Release Calendar (NDRC)”

Are the foreign trade data shared with other public institutions / organizations and public?

"Data Sharing Protocols" are signed between the requesting institution / organizations with MCT to meet the constant statistical information requests of public institutions / organizations according to the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 30 of the Customs Regulation. MCT focuses on safer and faster trade by means of deeper cooperation and coordination with the help of these protocols.
In addition, information requests of the courts and parliamentary questions are also responded by MCT.

The information requests of the organizations and public are met through BIMER no. 4982 under the Right to Information Act in accordance with the legal timeframe and privacy principles.

Where could I obtain the statistical data of the MCT?

The summary tables of Official Foreign Trade Statistics may be accessed via “” and the specific data on foreign trade may be obtained from Foreign Trade Statistics Data Query at “ (OSP).”

May I obtain the records of my own company's export and import operations in the customs administration?

Within the scope of Circular No. 2012/5 regarding querying declarations of the economic operator,the relevant Company’s declarations may be queried by the authorized person through the site: “”

However, in accordance with Article 12 of the Customs Code and Article 30 of the Customs Regulation; accessing detailed information regarding the import and export operations of their own or other companies  are not allowed within the framework of the confidentiality of information.

I intent to invest on specific product in Turkey. What is the trade volume for that product?  Could I obtain the information of the firms in these operations?

The information relating to the import and export statistics of a specific product may be obtained via “”
Due to confidentiality reasons, the information requested as regards rge firms is not responded in accordance with Article 12 of the Customs Code and Article 30 of the Customs Regulation.