1)How many retail stores of our Ministry are available and what are the adresses of these stores? Why retail stores are opened? 

Our retail stores are set to liquidate the retailing goods which are in  liquidation and can be capable of liquidation in retail stores by retailing which is one of the liquidation procedures stated in the Customs Law No. 4458.
Address of the Ministry as shown below, there are five retail stores which are: two in Istanbul (Erenkoy and Sirkeci), Ankara, Izmir and Kocaeli.
Edirne Retail Store: Mithatpaşa Mahallesi. Arif Paşa Cad. No:20
İstanbul Retail Store: Hocapaşa Mahallesi, Ebusuud Cad. No:21 Sirkeci

Erenköy Retail Store: Dudullu Cad. Vali Muammer Güler Öğrenci Yurdu Karşısı Ataşehir

Ankara Retail Store: Anafartalar Çarşısı 3. Kat Ulus

Kocaeli Retail Store: Ömerağa Mahallesi Şahabettin Bilgisu Caddesi No: 3


2) Who is able to purchase from the store?          

There is no limitation in shopping from these stores.  

3) Can we learn in advance which goods are sold in the store?

The information of all kinds of goods retailed in our stores can be accessed in Ministry’s official website ( and also it is possible to reach directly from the General Directorate of Liquidation Services website (
When you select the “Retail Sales Query” screen which is in the "Sales Query" section in the web site of our General Directorate, it is possible to access information of what kind / brand / model of goods will be sold at which time and the information of inventory quantities. 


4) Is it possible return of goods sold in the store?

Sales in our stores provide the liquidation of goods, thus sales are made in the framework of duties and authorities given to our Ministry by law rather than a normal purchase/business activities.
In this context, all goods offered for retail sale are sold with the phrase of “defective” in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 4077 Consumer Protection. This case is stated in the bills, receipts or document of sales given to recipients.
Return of the goods are not allowed by the reason of sales of “defective” goods and it is essentially a liquidation process.
However, goods are taken back and the cost will be refunded by being cancelled of the sale  with the buyer’s request or approval of the business manager within seven days following the sale in the case of inappropriateness of the goods to the qualifications except being “defective” or not to be performed of registration/record although the good is subjected to the registration and record procedures. The sales are not cancelled when the goods are not taken back with the form of first sale. 


5) Is there any limitation on the purchasing of goods?   

Our purpose of selling goods in stores is able to access as many people as possible.
In this context, although there is no limitation on the sales amount in the stores, for not causing a perception that the goods are sold to certain people and not damaging the prestige of institution, the goods which have high sales rate are sold to a wider customer base.
In this way, amount limitations changing on goods demand and stock case can be applied by our store management. 


6) How can I get information about auction?      

The announcement text of the auction published in the Official Journal at least five days before the sale date and at the same time the announcement text and the lists of sales are hanged on the notice board of related Regional Customs Directorate and Business Directorate and also announced electronically. (See. Replies 8)
Perishable goods and the goods which may be exposed to loss and the goods are determined by Ministry or the goods not exceeding the monetary threshold are not published in the Official Journal and the period of five days can be decreased to a day. 

7) Is there a possibility of seeing and examining the goods to be auctioned?   

Participants can examine the goods on its own location with the permission document which is taken from Regional Custom and Business Directorate.
Business Directorate can give sample from goods in return for its price provided that the goods does not cause a significant change in qualify/quantity or value. However, any samples cannot be given on the goods whose cases are ongoing in the scope of Law No. 5607. 

8) What is the aim of online auction?

 In accordance with the Customs Law No. 4458 and Anti-Smuggling Law No. 5607, it is aimed that sales of the goods by e-auction on electronical environment. It is aimed at selling goods by e-auction 

9) What do I need to participate in the e-auction?

 To participate the e-auction you should register from the “ Be Member” section and pay the assurance (deposit payment). (  

10) Is there any fee for membership in the system?

No. Online membership is free. 

11) Can I participate in e-auctions without any membership?

 No. It is obligatory to register in the system for participating in the e-auction. 

12) Can I access the information of the vehicles without any membership ?

 Yes, when you click the "Current Auctions" in the main page of e-auctions, you can see the vehicles to be auctioned.  

13) What is the amount of assurance required to participate in e-auction?

 Required assurance amount is 10% your bid in the auction. 

14) Is there any limitation in bidding?      

 Notwithstanding that there is no limitation in the bidding process, each new bid have to be higher than previous one. Bids and increasing in bids are made as 100 TL and multiples of 100 TL.

15) Are the bids keepen secret?

 Yes. Our auction are made by sealed bid method. The bids given for auctions are kept as encoded on the database, not be seen by any third person or administrative staff until the auction is over. 

16) Can I withdraw the offer which I gave in electronic form?

It is not possible to take back the bid in electronical form.

17) How can I learn if I win the auction?

 You can learn the results of the auctions in the section of the “Acquired Auctions” of your user screen. Also you will be informed by e-mail/SMS.   

18) What if I could not win the auction?

 The auction bidden is listed in the section of “Auction Results” in case of loosing in an auction. At the end of the auction, all the deposit payments are refunded and can be used for future auctions. 

19) How can I receive the vehicle/goods auction of which I win?

 You have to pay the fee of vehicle and confirm your payment on the system.

20) Can auctions be cancelled?

The auctions can be cancelled by authority at any time. By applying to authority, the one who won the auction is able to request a cancellation if it meets certain conditions. Cancellation request is evaluated and concluded by authority.