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Tradesmen and Craftsman

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How to become a tradesman or craftsman?
Answer: Anyone willing to be a tradesman or a craftsmen should primarily obtain a tax registration from a provincial tax office. Following this, one must submit an application to the Directorate of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Registry to receive a registry for the tradesmen and craftsmen as a further stage of registration. It is also necessary to receive several official licenses from local authorities (municipalities) to complete the process.
Problems concerning the Credit and Surety Cooperatives for Tradesmen and Craftsmen
Tradesmen and craftsmen have to receive the guarantee from credit and surety cooperatives to obtain state-subsidized credits through Halkbank (People’s Bank of Turkey) Tradesmen and craftsmen have the chance to receive loans at reasonable conditions if they become members of cooperatives. In case of problems concerning these cooperatives, tradesmen and craftsmen should contact with the  Directorate General of Cooperatives of our Ministry.
Question: When will I be retired?
Answer: You can obtain information regarding your retirement from the Social Security Institution (SGK). You can access the same information through
Question: How will I benefit from Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) loans?


Answer: One can obtain information about KOSGEB loan procedures through KOSEGEB’s Provincial Directorates or Representatives. The contact information of related units can be found at or via phone number 444 1 567.
Question: I am an Artisan, How can I receive a loan?

Answer: Tradesmen and craftsmen and artisans have access to credit through KOSGEB, their credit and surety cooperatives or Banks.
Question: What are the criteria for the price determination procedure for the tradesmen and craftsmen?

Answer: In accordance with Article 62 of the Act on the Professional Organizations of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, 'method of determining the tariff prices', tariffs of goods and services produced by craftsmen that are subjected to this law, will be prepared by affiliated chamber and approved by the Board of Directors of the affiliated association. Price tariffs become effective immediately after they are reported to municipalities, civil administration and the relevant chamber. It is stipulated in the relevant Actthat price tariffs present the maximum limits of prices.
In this respect, it is considered that the goods and services which are produced by tradesmen and craftsmen are not allowed to be released into the markets on the basis of the specified maximum limits, however, this volume may be below the maximum limits in the tariff.
Question: What is the legal basis of Chamber Registration and Fees?
Answer: In accordance with Article 6 of the Act on the Professional Organizations of Tradesmen and Craftsmen  “registration to chambers” craftsmen and artisans may not be accepted as a member to chambers, if they are not registered. Information about the registered tradesmen and craftsmen is sent to specialized chambers where the business is located; if there is no specialized chamber, the information will be sent to a mixed chamber in the same location.”
Member’s annual dues for chambers may not be less than one-tenth of the minimum wage and more than its half. Registration and annual fees may not be charged in the same year, as it is stipulated in the Act in Article 61 clause (b) entitled "Registration fees, membership fees, participation fees, fees for documents and services.”
In this respect; in order to perform economic activities, tradesmen and craftsmen are obliged to pay dues to both registry bureau of artisans and craftsmen and to the relevant chamber, as stipulated by the Act no. 5362.
Question: I shut down my workplace (my tax obligation ended after 15.08.2005), however I am officially indebted to the chamber for not paying the contribution fees of the previous years,   what should I do?
Answer: If your tax liability  ended yet your  cancellation process survives, the ending of your tax obligation does not automatically purport to the meaning of the cancellation of your registry and membership to the chamber.
Accordingly, thecontribution fees not paid will be charged by the concerned chamber unless the period of limitation not expires.
Moreover, the tradesmen and craftsmen are obliged to inform the concerned directorate of tradesmen and craftsmen registry in cases of changes in their economic activities in 30 days.


Questions Regarding ESBİS
Question: What are the transactions I can conduct as regards ESBİS?
Answer: Tradesmen and craftsmen and their organizations are able to electronically carry out all their transactions and procedures as: registration, fees, documents, poll information for related chamber and membership information via the Information System for Tradesmen and
Craftsmen (ESBİS).
Question: How do I Access to ESBİS?
Answer: One can access to ESBİS via or through governmental e-portal by entering his/her personal password.
Question: I Forgot my ESBİS Password, What Should I Do?
Answer: The access to ESBİS is assured through governmental e-portal. You can obtain a new password from the post office branches (PTT) if you forgot your password .
Question: The System does not correctly show my information?
Answer: You should contact the relevant Directorate of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Registry dealing with information changes in the system.
 Question: My profession cited in the system is incorrect?
Answer: You should contact with the artisans and craftsmen registry office in your province.
Question: My Paid Dues are Invisible in ESBİS?
Answer: If one has paid its dues but this payment does not appear in the system, this must primarily be reported to related chamber. Then if there exists strong suspicion as to the failure of the chamber to carry out its duties, an application should be submitted to the Ministry by writing a petition including the documents that prove the payments. The Ministry will accordingly launch the necessary investigations and prosecutions.
Question: I am assigned to wrong chamber in the system?

Answer: You should contact with the Directorate of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Registry in your province.