Republic of Turkey


Bronze Medal Comes Home to the Ministry of Customs and Trade


The Ministry of Customs and Trade of Turkey (MoCT) was represented at the 20 km. half marathon with the participation of the European Customs Sports Association (ECSA) Representative of MoCT Okan ARSLAN, Rıdvan ÖZTÜRK, Customs Auditor and Hakan ÜLKER, Customs Inspector. Besides, Özlem SOYSANLI, the Customs Counsellor of MoCT based in Brussels also participated in the half marathon as a specially invited runner to provide support to the Turkish runners.
A public event, over 35.000 people participated in the half marathon. Charles MICHEL, the Belgian Premier officially kicked off the event and Kristian VANDERWAEREN, the Director General of Belgian Customs and Excise Administration also participated in the race as a runner.    
87 runners from ECSA member countries participated in the half marathon and Rıdvan ÖZTÜRK bagged the third position by running at 1 hour 19 minutes and 22 seconds whereas Hakan ÜLKER got the 29th position by running at 1 hour 48 minutes and 12 seconds. With such ranking, Rıdvan ÖZTÜRK won the bronze medal. The golden and silver medals were won, within the scope of ECSA, by the French and Czech runners, respectively.  
Further information on the half marathon and ECSA activities may be accessed via MoCT’s official website