Republic of Turkey


Undersecretary Mr. Cenap AŞCI hosted WCO Secretary General Kunio MIKURIYA at his office on 13 September 2017

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade of Turkey, Mr. Cenap AŞCI, hosted the World Customs Organization (WCO) Secretary General Kunio MIKURIYA, who visited Turkey for the inauguration ceremony of the “WCO Regional Dog Training Centre”.

Mr. MIKURIYA visited the Undersecretary Mr. Cenap AŞCI at his office, on 13 September 2017.

Expressing his appreciation for hosting Mr. MIKURIYA, Undersecretary Mr. AŞCI stated that, as one of the founding member countries of the WCO, Turkish Customs Administration has always attached importance to the work of the WCO and has given full measure to contribute further to this work. 

Regarding the capacity building area, Mr. AŞCI highlighted the importance of the cooperation for the implementation of the international regulations. Accordingly, he emphasized the support provided by Turkish Customs Administration to the regional offices of the WCO, the one located in Baku, being in the first place.

Mr. AŞCI stated that, the aim of Turkish Customs Administration is to fight against illicit trade and smuggling, while at the same time facilitating legal trade. He also underlined the challenge of establishing a balance between these two important tasks, which brings about the need for modern technics and international cooperation.

Mr. MIKURIYA started his words expressing his appreciation of this visit, which offered him an opportunity to visit the Kaman-Kalehöyük Archaeological Museum before the meeting.

He drew attention on the contributions of Turkey to the work of the WCO as one of its founding member countries. “One of the most pleasant examples of this is the support given to the regional capacity building offices.” He stated that this sort of support further improves the cooperation among customs community.

Moreover, Mr. MIKURIYA highlighted the geographical advantages and disadvantages of Turkey. While the disadvantages of the geography lay burdens on the customs, the advantages offered are also considerable, he suggested, giving the example of the opportunities brought about by the strategic position of Turkey as a bridge between Europe and Asia, Caucasus, and the Far East, which also covers the Silk Road.

Mr. MIKURIYA also touched upon the success of Turkey in the area of Trade Facilitation, he underlined the importance of the establishment of the National Trade Facilitation Board as a result of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.

DG for Customs Mr. Mustafa GÜMÜŞ, DG for Customs Enforcement Mr. Abdullah SOYLU, DG for the EU and External Relations Mr. Hasan KÖSEOĞLU, Brussels Customs Counsellor Ms. Özlem SOYSANLI and Head of Department Ms. Didem DİRLİK SONGÜR were also present in the meeting.

Following the meeting, Mr. MIKURIYA visited the Command and Control Centre in the Ministry, in accompany with Undersecretary Mr. AŞCI.