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Department of Personnel

Customs was organized as Excise Department in 1861 and has a history of  150 years . Customs was reorganized several times under the names of  Ministry of Customs and Monopolies, Ministry of Finance and the Customs, Undersecretariat of Customs and finally Ministry of Customs and Trade as per the Decree No. 640.
Generating the knowledge, business and transaction processes related with customs,  the Department of Personnel has adopted an innovative, contemporary and dynamic staff policy with a view to meeting the requirements of the Ministry.

The Official Functions of the  Department as detailed in  the Decree no. 640 :
  • Developing the labor force policy of the Ministry; planning the appropriate human resources systems; conducting the necessary work and making proposals as regards the establishment of performance measures; 
  • Carrying out the routine work for  assignments, transfers, promotions, retirements and similar procedures.
  • Conducting other tasks  instructed by the Minister

Department of Personnel

Adress:  Dumlupınar Bulvarı No: 151
Eskişehir Yolu 9. Km.06530
Çankaya / ANKARA

Phone : +90(312) 449 15 00