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Department of Strategy Development

  • Fulfillment of necessary work to determine the targets and the middle and long term strategies and policies of the Ministry in accordance with the national development strategies and policies, annual program and governmental program;
  • Development of the performance and quality criteria with respect to the issues that fall under the   responsibility of the Ministry; fulfillment of other duties that may be assigned within this scope, 
  • Collection, analysis and interpretation of the information and data related to the administration of the Ministry; and improvement and development of public services,
  • Analysis of the external factors that have an impact on the services; conducting in-house capacity researches; analysis of the efficiency and satisfaction levels of the researches as well as the performance of general researches  within the framework of the  issues that fall under the responsibilities of the Ministry;
  • Rendering the services as regards the management information systems,
  • Coordination of the strategic plan and performance program of the Ministry; and implementation of the studies related to consolidation of their results; preparation of the administration budget including the budget estimates of the following two years with regard to the strategic plan and the annual program; and monitoring and evaluation of the conformity of the administrative activities with this plan and the program,
  • Drafting the detailed expenditure schemes and ensuring that appropriations are transferred to the concerned units considering the required services, with reference to the budget principles and procedures determined as per relevant legislation
  • Keeping budget records, to collect and evaluation of the data relating to the budget execution results and to preparation of the budget final account and financial statistics,
  • Raising the revenue of the  Ministry, and execution of the transactions related to the collection process for  the revenue and the receivables, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation ;
  • Drafting the activity report of the administration also in consideration of the unit activity reports prepared by the relevant expenditure units
  • Organization  of the abridged statements related to the movable and immovable property of the Ministry,
  • Coordination of  the investment program of the Ministry, monitoring the implementation results and preparation of the annual report regarding investment assessments,
  • Execution and conclusion of the financial acts and transactions of the Ministry, required to be monitored before the other administrations,
  • Provision of necessary information and rendering consultancy services to the top manager and to the expenditure units with respect to the enforcement of the other legislation in relation to the financial laws,
  • Execution of the preliminary financial control activities,
  • Conducting the work with respect to the establishment of the internal control system and the application and development of its standards; making necessary preparations  to increase effectiveness and efficiency of the top management in respect of internal audit,
  • To Rendering the relevant administrative, financial and supporting services ,
  • Implementation of the Circulation Capital transactions of the Ministry, which are stated herein,
  • Fulfillment of other duties assigned by the Minister and by the top manager.


a) Strategic Planning:

The Ministry of Customs and Trade has completed the preparatory work for 2013-2017 Strategic Plan and has accordingly published this Plan. The Strategic Plan adopts the principles of “strategic management conception” and “good governance”.

The primary strategic goals are determined within the framework of the plan:

  • Improving the policies related with customs and trade.
  • Safety and consumer protection for consumer products.
  • Procedures on international goods, vehicle and passenger movements.
  • Regulation and supervision of corporations, cooperatives, tradesmen and craftsmen.
  • Institutional change and development.

b) Impact Analysis:

In 2013-2017 Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Customs and Trade (MoCT),

  • Improving institutional capacity making for impact analysis” was targeted under the title of “Developing Custom and Trade Policies”.

In this sense;

  • New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) Project and Consumers’ Mobile Application (e-Consumer) Project were designed in 2014 for pilot evaluation process.

  • “Impact Assessment Team” was set up at MoCT.

The team was trained by a consultant firm.
c) Customs and Trade Council:

  • Customs and Trade Council is planned as a consulting body which aims at contributing to customs and trade policies through participation of all stakeholders.
  • The Council is composed of two organs:the General Assembly and Executive Board. The Council is composed of 65 members and  convenes annually.
  • The first General Assembly meeting was held on 13th of May,2015.

d) The Coordination Council For The Improvement Of Investment Environment:

  • The Council is a key structure where private sector contributing to the process of improving investment climate.
  • The Council aims to:
    • rationalize the regulations on investments
    • develop policies; and
    • generate solutions to overcome administrative barriers
  • The Council conducts its agenda through 10 Technical Committees.
  • In June 2015-June 2016, the Ministry is to participate into 5 actions within the context of the Council’s action plan as a responsible institution and into 9 actions as the relevant institution.

e) Action Plan Of Strategy For Fight Against The Informal Economy

Action Plan of Strategy for Fight against the Informal Economy (2008-2010) was prepared to to assess the economic activities and economic size in terms of employment and national income.

The Program of Reducing Informal Economy (2014-2018) included within the Primary Transformation Programs of Tenth Development Plan was announced by Revenue Administration. In the Action Plan,  the Ministry of Customs and Trade is to participate in 6 actions as the responsible institution and 21 actions as relevant institution.




Department of Strategy Development

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