Republic of Turkey


Department of Training


To train qualified human resources with knowledge, skill and attitude to serve at international standards; organize training programs for national and international institutions and establishment in the field of customs and trade.


Becoming a regional and international training center in the field of Customs and Trade that provides training services at internatinational standards.

Department of Training 
Physical Capacity
Facility Number Capacity (person)
  1. class. with 30 trainee cap.
  2. class. with 50 trainee cap.
4 class. with 40 trainee cap.
Computer Classrooms 2 50
Computer Based Learning Class 1 27
Conference Hall 1 200
Meeting Room 1 20
Office 19 55
Dormitory/ Accomodation
3 suite rooms
6 single rooms
2 disabled rooms- 4 per. 92 double rooms-184 per.
Dining Hall 1 200
Cafeteria 1 200
Library 1  
Fitness Center Indoor Sport Areas Close-defence Saloon
Gym Condition
Outdoor Sports Areas
Astro pitch Basketball and Voleyball
Sauna 1  
Semi Olympic Pool 1  
Shooting Range 1 25 m long

In our training model, every officer starts with an induction training, which takes different periods of time related to the career. Other than induction training, our personnel get professional and personal development trainings during their career.
Specific to Customs personnel of our Ministry, we take the work of the WCO, EU and other international organizations into account in addition to national regulations during planning the training programs.
The trainers are mainly the personnel of our Ministry, but public institutions, universities and private sector provide trainers to our programs too.

Types of Training Programs
  • Induction Trainings
  • In-service Trainings
    • Productivity Trainings
    • Vocational Trainings
  • Further Training
  • International Trainings
  • Internship
 Our Target Audiences

 Customs Officers
  • Customs Enforcement Officers
  • Customs Inspection Officers
  • Customs and Trade Experts
 Govermental Agencies
 Private Sector (Customs Brokers)
 Other Countries’ Customs Officers
International Training Programs

 It might change according to request of countries but main topics are;
  • Customs Procedures,
  • Fighting Against Smuggling Techniques
  • Risk Management and Risk Analysis
  • Automatic Control Systems
  • Modernization Projects
  • Scanning Systems (X-Rays)
  • CBRN Trainings and Drills
  • Social Programs
Our Quality Policy

As the Department of Training of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, we will;
  • Improve the quality of our training programs in order to equip personnel of the Ministry with necessary knowledge and skills,
  • Revise training needs constantly for effective functioning of customs and trade services,
  • Enhance dialogue and communication with our partners in order to respond training needs on time,
  • Follow international developments for serving with contemporary training tools,
  • Maintain our skill in adapting to technological developments that will increase

effectiveness of our service,
  • Improve our organizational and administrative capabilities that will support quality of our service,
  • Put effort to provide the qualitative and quantitative adequacy of personnel of the Department,
  • Provide the appropriate physical conditions for training service,
  • Constantly evaluate and improve our skills in any field that effects quality of our service.

Organizational Structure

Department of Training

Address: Balıkhisar Mahallesi Balıkhisar Köy İçi Küme Evleri No: 685 
Esenboga Havalimanı Yolu - Akyurt / Ankara

Phone : +90(0312) 398 22 45
Facsimile: +90 312 398 22 32
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