Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance

The Functions Of The Director General Of The Directorate General For Consumer Protection And Market Surveillance: 
  • Developing the policy on the protection of consumer and ensuring the cooperation of the domestic and international  institutions and foundations for the determination of the required policies.
  • Taking measures for the protection of the economic interests of the consumers  as well as their health and safety and  accordingly conducting the required arrangements.
  • Cooperating with the related ministry and institutions in the identification of the measures taken for the protection of the consumers against  environmental hazards that may be caused by consumable items. 
  • Ensuring quality assurances with a view to improving the quality of items and services released to market and developing a quality assurance system.
  • Offering a proposal and receiving the official opinions of the related institutions and foundations with regard to the determination of appropriate standards.
  • Developing  educational policies for consumers for consumer protection purposes 
  • Ensuring the representation of the consumers in  voluntary organizations aiming at developing policies with regard to consumer protection.
  • Fulfilling the tasks assigned to the DG underother Acts for the resolution of consumer problems.
  • Conducting market surveillance and governance for the goods without any regulations directly presented to the consumers and concluding  required arrangements; putting the standard into the practice by means of minister’s approval, examining specific and compulsory circumstances as it may be required by national economy.  
  • To conduct similar tasks that may be assigned by the Minister.


Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance
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