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Directorate General of Craftsmen and Artisans

Directorate General for Tradesmen and Craftsmen was established in 2000 under the Ministry of Industry and Trade according to the law No. 4580 that made changes on the law No. 3143. In 2011 the duties of directorate general have been settled by decree law no. 640 concerning organization and duties of the Ministry of Customs and Trade.


In accordance with the Act no. 5362 on the Professional Organizations of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, the Directorate General has been entrusted with the following roles and responsibilities: Undertaking the establishment, operation, supervision, abrogation/dissolution and registry procedures of professional organizations of tradesmen and craftsmen (chambers, associations, federations and Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen).
In accordance with the Decree no. 640, the Directorate General has been entrusted with the following duties: developing strategies with regard to the tradesmen and craftsmen, following and evaluating the results; carrying out operations such as investment, production and similar economic operations regarding tradesmen and craftsmen and establishing Information System directed to these objectives; identifying the problems of tradesmen and craftsmen; developing solutions; providing incentives and supports with the objective of marketing and raw material provision; doing research about the domestic and foreign market possibilities; searching for solutions to the credit and financing needs of the tradesmen and craftsmen; supporting the education activities related to the tradesmen and craftsmen and their employees; within the context of retail trade legislation, providing regulations and taking measures towards the trade activities of tradesmen and craftsmen.
Moreover, the Directorate General coordinates the Akhism Week celebrations in 81 provinces and conducts the operations concerning Council of Tradesmen and Craftsmen. The Information System for Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TCIS) was implemented in 2005 and updated in 2012. The system enables all the operations and procedures concerning the professional organizations of tradesmen and craftsmen as well as the registry operations of tradesmen and craftsmen to be realized in an online environment.



Directorate General of  Craftsmen and Artisans

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