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Directorate General of Customs

Following are the Official functions of the Directorate General of Customs, which is deemed among the servicing units of the Ministry (pursuant to Article 6 of "Decree Law Concerning the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Customs and Trade" no. 640 dated 3 June 2011), are listed as follows The official functions are cited and detailed in Article 7 of the Decree): 
  • To regulate and ensure the implementation of the Turkish Customs Tariff, origin of goods, the customs value, the customs procedure and formalities in accordance with international practices and agreements Turkey has acceded to.
  • To assess and collect customs duties and other taxes, funds by the customs authorities.
  • To make regulations, grant permission and ensure the implementation within the scope of Customs Law and international agreements to which Turkey is a party with regard to inward processing, outward processing, processing under customs control, temporary importation and customs warehousing.
  • To ensure the implementation of customs procedures e.g. release for free circulation, exportation, re-exportation, destruction, abandonment of goods to customs, and perform customs procedures in customs free zones, logistics, foreign trade zones, and foreign trade centers.
  • To issue regulations and carry out operations relating to the simplified procedure applications.
  • To conduct operations related to preferential origin and concessional tax treatments.
  • To conduct operations related to duty-free shops.
  • To ensure the implementation of export regime decree regarding returned goods, perform duties related to dual-use goods and export controls.
  • To determine the procedures and principles regarding the implementation of customs-related provisions as regards the foreign trade legislation and other legislation, and to ensure the implementation of such procedures and principles.
  • To ensure the implementation of the customs procedures related to border and coastal trade and their relations, as well as trade from border trade centers.
  • To ensure the implementation of customs procedures regarding the goods incoming and outgoing via accompanied baggage, mail and express cargo, and also the goods subject to electronic commerce.
  • To conduct transactions relating to customs exemption.
  • To ensure the implementation of transactions relating to the containers.
  • To regulate operations related to the transit procedure, ensure the execution of such operations, and control the implementation.
  • To ensure the implementation of the provisions of the incentive legislation relating to the customs procedures.
  • To set up customs laboratories, prepare analysis methods and regulate the works of laboratories.
  • To carry out the procedures related to customs brokers and assistant customs brokers, and authorized customs brokers.
  • To determine the principles and procedures of reconciliation related to duties and similar charges collected by the customs authorities and execute the implementation; and
  • To perform similar duties that may be assigned by the Minister.

Directorate General of Customs

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