Directorate General of Risk Management and Control

Risk Management At Turkish Customs Administration: 
Turkish Customs Administration has been working with modern legislation and EU standards focused on all Customs matters, to reduce the costs to foreign trade by making procedures more transparent, easier and quicker, to facilitate the trade and to combat smuggling, organised crime and customs offences through an efficient risk analysis process. It is already fully supported by a professional and well established administration, simultaneously integrating new trends and technology in world trade, actively cooperating in the international area in policies and with appropriate economic priorities.

TCA has been actively improving the system for electronic Risk Analysis (based upon high, medium and low risk scores which recognize traders compliance history e.g. AEO status) in order to target the increasing number of declarations in all customs procedures and to deal with the requirements of the Risk Analysis processes for safety and security. Based on the risk areas and compliance history of the traders, customs controls shall be prioritized and as a result it reduces the overall physical controls necessary at the Border.

As a result of the risk analysis and assessment, declarations are directed to red, yellow, blue and green lines. In addition to the risk-based controls that are applied deliberately, “random” controls are also conducted. Customs controls are carried out in this direction.

The aims and objectives of the principal risk analysis are set by Department of Risk Analysis which is over seen by the DG Risk Management and Control based in Ankara.
Regional risk analysis tasks on regional level are implemented by the Risk Analysis Units which are established in 2012 under each Regional Directorates. However, local risk analysis activities are performed by the staff responsible for risk analysis in Customs Offices.

Directorate General of Risk Management and Control

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