Republic of Turkey



SEFA EKİN, Customs Counsellor to the Embassy of Republic of Turkey in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Adress:     Bedrettin Demirel Street NO:10 LEFKOŞA/ Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Phone:     0392 600 31 42
                  0392 228 16 60

Fax:         0392 228 89 87




I was born in Aksaray, in 1956. I graduated from Economics and Finance, the department of Political Science of Ankara University in 1979.

I began my carrier as a customs examiner in 1979. Then I worked as an Chief Director at Ankara Customs, as an Chief Director in Edirne Customs, as an head of department in General Directorate of Customs Control and as an Deputy General Director in General Directorate of Customs. Since August 01, 2014, I have worked as a customs consultant in Lefkoşa, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Besides these background, between 2006 and 2014, I performed a task as Turkish Customs delegate in TIR Executive Committee and in Working Group about the customs problems affecting transportation in business with UN European Economic Commission.  Also, from 2011, I worked in KARTÜRK Consultative Committee in business with Gazi University as a member.

I am married and have a daughter.