Republic of Turkey


The Project of Establishment of E-Recovery System

The Project of Establishment of E-Recovery System

The project related to the recovery of customs debt electronically started on August 2016 throughout Turkey. The purposes aimed by the project are;

  • Minimizing the possibility of occurence of mistakes and other deficiencies in the course of data entry process,
  • Tracking the proceeding of additional accruals and penalties,
  • Producing accurate information for decision-making process of MoCT.
By the virtue of the system it is/will be possible;

  • To produce additional accrual and penalty decisions electronically,
  • To link payments, appeals and reconciliation requests with these decisions,
  • To record reconciliation and reconciliation results electronically,
  • To conclude transactions electronically when the decisions are subject to appeal,
  • To follow installment payments through the system,
  • To obtain statistical data easily and to prepare the decisions of repayment and remission electronically,
  • To follow litigation process and monitoring results in case of appealing administrative judiciary,
  • To access statistics all the time and in a correct way and complete the process of reporting and analysis.