Republic of Turkey


Pre-Declaration System (TIRCUS)


As of April, 25th 2017, implementation of pre-declaration submission within the scope of TIR System will be compulsary. The TIR Carnet Holder may either choose TIR-EPD System or the Pre-Declaration System (TIRCUS), newly put into use by the Ministry of Customs and Trade  of Turkey.

In line with the TIRCUS Programme, ''User Manual'' have been revealed including the FAQ, Furthermore, is the web address for the application.

Thus, the foreign transport operators owing no agencies in Turkey, will also be able to submit the pre-declaration via TIRCUS Programme as well as the national customs system, BİLGE, by taking an identification number allocated to foreigners. By doing so, they wil be able to make it after acquiring username and password on their behalf.

On the other hand, if the pre-declaration is submitted after the arrival of the vehicle into the Turkish Customs Territory, the transport operator and the goods carried shall be separately examined within the framework of the risk criteria.

You may download the manual for TIRCUS here.