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Single Window

Single Window System

Single Window System is the system that provides obtaining the desired documents (e-document) at the time of the customs procedures from one place and completing the customs operations with applying to one place (e-application).

Including “Single Window System in the Customs Services” featured and 2012/6 numbered Prime Ministry Circular that was broadcasted in the 03/20/2012 dated and 28239 numbered Official Gazette and the coordination of the duties to deliver with the other public institutions, the duty and authority of all the realizations of the operations are delegated to our Ministry.  Single Window System is involved in the Action Plan of 2016 of the 64th Government.

Efficient use of sources, increasing efficiency of controls, simplifying procedures and customs transactions, saving costs and time, providing transparent customs transactions and paperless environment are aims of the System that have planned.

Permissions, documents and approvals that are prepared by institutions and used in customs operations are executed and controlled electronically by the Single Window System. Operator applies to the related institution for permissions, documents and approvals with Single Window System. After confirming of approvals by related Institutions, the System constitutes ID number for using in custom declarations and ID number of the document is entered in the declaration form’s 44th box by the operator. By entering ID number, system controls the validity of the ID number as well as the other information in the declaration form like firms tax id, hs code, quantity etc.   
System consists of two steps which are e-document and e-application. E-document step provides transferring of permission, approval and documents in the electronic environment and using and following these directly without delivering hard copies of these. E-document phase of the System carried into practice in 14.01.2014.

E-application step provides informing the related institution by making permission, approval and documents related applications to our Ministry directly and getting the application result in the electronic environment. E-application phase of the System carried into practice in 19.04.2016

The Single Window System was completed in 30 June 2016.

There are 21 Public Institutions giving permissions, documents for import and export procedures in order to using customs operations in the Single Window System that written below:

  • The Turkish Sugar Authority
  • Borsa Istanbul
  • Energy Market Regulatory Authority
  • Turkish Atomic Energy Authority
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Customs and Trade     
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labour and Social Security
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Internal Affairs (General Directorate of Security)
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Finance
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy
  • Capital Markets Board
  • Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority
  • Turkish Standards Institution
  • Undersecreteriat of Treasury
  • Eti Mine Works General Directorate