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General Information For Goods

Question: What are the documents required to be submitted to the customs authorities in relation to the goods to be imported? Are the goods to be imported subject to any kind of quotas or restrictions?

In order to have a knowledge over the documents needed to be submitted to the customs administration during the import of goods, the customs tariff statistics heading of the issued goods have to be learned as in the phase of learning the due taxes. Before embarking on the import process, it is necessary to conduct an investigation over the required standards and different restrictions imposed on the entry of the imported goods to the Customs Territory of Turkey such as prohibition, permits, quotas, specialized customs applications, and over whether the goods-related documents such as inspection certificate, control certificate, health certificate, analysis report, and CE certificate will be demanded by the customs administration, and, if any, to make a preliminary preparation in this regard. Such information may be accessed through the web site of the Ministry of Economy ( and / or of the respective Institutions.
Question: "Can all the goods be imported freely?"

Except for the ones whose importation is prohibited or subjected to the permission, all goods can be imported into Turkey.
The authority of determination for the goods whose importation is prohibited primarily belongs to the Ministry of Economy. In this respect, import of specific wastes, chemicals and scraps are prohibited for the purpose of protecting the environment.
On the other hand, import of certain goods which are not directly subject to the import prohibition can be imported with permission granted for the protection of the humans, animals and environmental health.
Furthermore, certain goods can only be imported by certain institutions.
The permissions from the related Institutions and the procedure of import regime are laid down by “Import Communiqué” and “Product Safety and Inspection Communiqués” whose implementation is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy.
The information of “Product Safety and Quality Control System on Import” and “Import Communiqué” may be accessed via the links below:

Question: Can used goods be imported?

In accordance with Article 7 of the Decree of Turkish Import Regime, the importation of the old, used, renovated, faulty goods requires the receipt of an official permission from the Ministry of Economy.

According to Second Section of First Part of Import Communiqué numbered 2017/1, imports of the goods whose CIF value not specified and having equal/more CIF value on the appendix 1 of the Communiqué does not require the permission of the Ministry of Economy