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a brief information regarding vehicle importation

Question: Can you provide a brief information regarding vehicle importation?

Old/used vehicle importation: Pursuant to Article 7 of the Decree of Turkish Import Regime, the importation of the old, used, renovated, faulty goods requires the receipt of an official permission from the Ministry of Economy.
The permission should be taken for used vehicle importation as well. Questions and applications on this particular matter should be directed to the Ministry of Economy.

Taxes applicable for vehicles: First of all, in order to launch the procedures for the imported goods (i.e. to learn about the due taxes or the documents that to be submitted to the relevant customs offices), customs tariff statistics heading of the issued goods classified in the annual Turkish Customs Tariff Schedule, should be known.

Passenger vehicles are covered by 87.03 Tariff Heading and commercial vehicles are covered by 87.04. Lower expansions should be known for determining taxes.
The questions about VAT and Excise Tax have to be directed to the Turkish Revenue Administration;

Importation controls: As for vehicle importation, Letter of Conformity drafted with regard to the controls of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology or the institution duly authorized by the Ministry has to be submitted to the competent customs authority during the registration of customs declarations.
Question: How is the importation of used construction vehicle conducted?

The importation of the used construction vehicles are subject to the receipt of permission by the Ministry of Economy for any used vehicle.

However, pursuant to the First Section to the Second Part of Import Communiqué no. 2015/1, import of the goods listed in the appendicies of the Communiqué does not necessitate the rceipt of the permission of the Ministry of Economy.