Republic of Turkey


Fight Against Narcotics Smuggling in Turkey

Turkey is exposed to a bilateral stream in Drug Smuggling due to it’s sensitive geographical location;  opium and derivatives move from east through west while synthetic drugs and precursors move west through east.  In recent years, synthetic cannabinoids (generally China-originated) have been monitored by Turkish Anti-Smuggling Units attentively in line with the global trends. Synthetic cannabinoids enter into the country for domestic consumption purposes.  A continuous increase has been provided in seizures of this substance as a consequence of supplementary measures taken by anti-smuggling units. 

On the law enforcement side, in addition to the sub-units of Ministry of Interior, Directorate General for Customs Enforcement (DGCE) may be considered and mentioned as an authorized judicial enforcement body to fight illicit drug trafficking in Turkey. The Turkish Law Enforcement Authorities have the authorization to request and obtain necessary operational and evidence-gathering support from our counterparts by means of mutual and multilateral agreements, and have the authorization to carry out joint operations. In this regard, 7 Controlled Deliveries were performed under the coordination of DGCE since 2014. Customs Administration combats with all kinds of illicit trafficking, while trying to facilitate international trade. 

As an international phenomenon, drug trafficking groups are constantly in search of new methods. In order to respond to such challenges, DGCE has also initiated the process of upgrading technological infrastructure for the detection of illicit consignments at border check points, as well as the monitoring of sea, land and air transportation. Furthermore, a modern Dog Training Center meeting international standards was built and was put into service in September 2014.



February, 2014 / Atatürk Airport- 3,5 kg of liquid cocaine stashed in a passenger’s jacket


September, 2014/ Kapıkule BCP– 113 kg. Ectasy stashed in a passenger car’s floor

July, 2014/ İzmir Postal Agency - 1,5 kg of Synthetic Cannabinoid seizure in a cargo package


October, 2014/ Ipsala BCP- 56,2 kg of heroin seizure in a  trailer stashed in wet wipes

March, 2014/ Atatürk International Airport- 15 kg. of Khat seizure in a suitcase


January, 2014 / Ipsala BCP- 60 kg. of Heroin stashed in air filters

 June, 2014 /Gürbulak BCP- 4,2 kg of opium stashed in a suitcase