Prearrival Notification System

In Turkey, fightingtransnational crime and terrorism, organized crimes like money laundering, immigration; and anti-smuggling activities and efforts to assure an effective border control process with regard to passengers and their accompanied goods, resulted in the development of a program by the Ministry of Customs and Trade. This program led to the creation of API (Advance Passenger Information) and PNR information related to passengers arriving at and departing from Turkey with a view  to acquiring the entire information on the domestic and foreign aviation companies in compliance with the data transfer standards determined by WCO/IATA/ICAO. In this context, our implementation guides are consistent with UN/EDIFACT and XML formats.

As it may be known, there are 313 air transportation companies flying into/from Turkey.230 of these companies have contacted our Ministry so far. 218 of the firms were accordingly integrated into our system. Therefore, we have the opportunity to obtain the API and PNR data sets from 193 air transportation companies. Our cooperation and concerted efforts will be firmly maintained until all transporters may be integrated into the system.