Republic of Turkey


Yacht Trace Program

According to the Customs Law of Turkey (nbr 4458) anyone, owns or responsible for a leisure craft (such as a yacht) that sails to or from locations outside the Turkish Customs area is required to provide yatch and crew documentation for customs clearance purposes. Customs Enforcement is working with the maritime community including owners, operators, agencies and yacht marinas to find a solution for collecting yatch information in advance of travel and ensuring the community is represented in the process.                                                               
Yatch Tracing Program is a inhouse system which created for purposes in line with the aims stated above by the ministry for transfer of yatch clearance documents to virtual hosting.    

System has been developed to store and analyze the information needed during yacht operations. By using this program customs enforcement units electronically collects and analyses information from carriers about everyone intending to travel to or from the turkish customs area. It allows them to identify yatch and passengers who are a potential risk and to alert the relevant authorities.