Republic of Turkey


School, study

Which items can receive exemption?

Relief shall be granted to students who come to Turkey for educational purposes (school, study) on the importation of the following items brought for personal use during their education:

a) Academic material
b) Household effects for the furnishing of a student's room
c) Clothing, whether new or used.

“Academic Materials” means objects and instruments whether new or not, normally used by students for the purposes of the studies in which they are engaged.
The type and/or the quantity of these goods must not be such as might indicate, by its nature or quantity, that it is being imported for commercial reasons.
Conditions and arrangements for relief from customs duty:

Relief may be granted for academic materials more than once in each academic year. However, relief may be granted for importation of household effects once during the period of the education.

Legal basis:

Article 55 of the “Resolution on Application of Certain Articles of Customs Law Number 4458” attached to Council of Ministers Resolution number 2009/15481.